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The Grid Difference

Independent but not alone.

Focus on advancing your business and deliver a top tier client experience by tapping into our professional support team.

The skilled team on The Independent Grid already supports a group of financial advisors just like yourself, join the family of professionals working to achieve success, together.

You deserve to build your dream practice, to do things the way you want. We provide solutions designed around your unique needs so you can achieve your goals.

The services we provide include:

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Business Development Guidance

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Practice Protection

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Remote Admin Program

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Transition Support

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Marketing Support

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Investment Solutions

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Compliance Oversight

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Practice Acquisition Guidance


Your business is your blood, sweat, and tears. You want someone to understand and care about it as much as you do. 

Our team tailors solutions to your distinctive business foundation. 

When elevating your business, a true partner is crucial.


It’s your practice, it’s up to you how you want to brand it. Keep your own branding, or don’t. 
Either way, we have an already established brand you can build off of, or we can coach you through expanding your own brand. 

Flexibility is essential when you own a business. 


Our industry is deeply personal, and every client has a unique set of needs.

The freedom to find the best solutions is a necessity and we have the resources to help you deliver customized strategies.
You deserve to build your dream practice.


Spend more time developing your business and less time on administrative tasks. 

You’ve earned the right to focus on elevating your practice.
"A pleasant surprise for me was the effort put forth by The Grid Team to create an environment where the advisors want to stay. The weekly online advisor meetings are informative and interesting.
Small things such as the high quality of the business cards, to larger things such as the attention paid to the web site, and the in branch marketing support, and the birthday phone hold music, reflect an entirely different and positive culture as opposed to that of the wirehouse."
Diverse financial professionals collaborating

Are you ready to thrive?

Then we should talk, schedule a chat today to discover how we can help you build the business of your dreams.

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